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Susan D.

"Denise sets her classes up for success. She always shows up with a serious, balanced and challenging workout.  Lots of variety keeps me interested.  Her style is encouraging with out pushing people to injury. The Gym is always tidy and immaculate.  It's a great atmosphere to realize balanced fitness for everyone."

Christina C.

"Denise's classes are challenging and engaging as each class is different from the last.  She provides thoughtful instruction for all levels of fitness and experience, and has an encouraging coaching style. At the end of each session, participants leave having had fun while getting an outstanding workout."

Jill F.

"Denise’s extreme attention to each and every 50 minute class is incredible. Each workout Denise crafts is specifically unique, very concise and easy to follow.

Denise’s classes are always challenging, full of awesome music and never disappoint. As a result of Denise’s class, I have lost weight, drastically increased my strength and have dramatically improved my running time. I would highly recommend Denise and any class she might offer."